Coop membership is open to all, and in order to shop you must be a member.

Steps to Join the Coop and Become a Member

  1. Find out if you are required to pre-register for a New Member Orientation
  2. Learn about Households at the Coop
  3. Register for and attend a New Member Orientation
  4. Provide proof of identity and address
  5. Select a Coop workslot

    Once steps one through five have been completed you will be an official Park Slope Food Coop member. However, you will NOT be able to shop the day you join. Your shopping privileges will begin when the store opens the following day.

  6. Have a photo taken for your Coop Membership Card
  7. Make your Member Payments

    You will have four weeks to have your photo taken and a minimum of eight weeks to make your Member Payments.